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Rory was built out of a passion for women’s health, but also an understanding that for many women, the healthcare system feels broken. From painful periods to infertility, natural biological experiences are shrouded in mystery. Women are not getting the help they need. They don’t feel comfortable asking questions about their bodies, and when they do, they often don’t feel heard. That’s not ok with us.

At Rory, we believe that everyone’s concerns about their health are valid, and everyone deserves equal access to the treatment that allows them to live their best, healthiest, and fullest lives. Rory was built by a talented, powerful, group of women who led everything from product management to copywriting. We used our experiences, and the experiences of the women in our lives, to design the healthcare partner women we’ve always wished for.

Rory was created to open up a dialogue, and to give all women the education, tools, and support they need to be their own advocates in the healthcare system.

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