All-Natural Personal Lubricant

A 2-in-1, non-prescription, water-based, non-hormonal lube. It can also be used as a daily moisturizer.

• All-natural and hypoallergenic
• Glycerin-free and 100 percent vegan
• Safe for use with condoms, toys, or water play

Available monthly ($16/mo.) and quarterly ($39/3 mo.)

100% Vegan


Daily moisturizer

Free 2-day shipping

Apply for instant relief (and gratification)

Rory’s lubricant + moisturizer mimics your vagina’s natural secretions, reducing irritation or discomfort during sex, and making it more enjoyable.

Sexual stimulation with or without a partner is vital to your vaginal health. It increases your vaginal blood flow which helps stimulate lubrication, maintains the vagina’s shape, plus it’s fun.

This personal lubricant should be applied at your leisure for sexual activity and can be used daily for moisturizing and soothing. An active vagina is a happy vagina (and a happier you). 

Convenient deliveries

Rory’s lubricant + moisturizer comes in monthly and quarterly shipments. Monthly plans are $16/mo. (billed and shipped monthly) and quarterly plans are $39/3mo. (billed and shipped 3 months at a time).

Free 2-day shipping

Pause anytime

Flexible delivery schedule


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