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T’is the Season to Be…Horny? Over 50% of People Have Seen Coworkers Hook-Up at a Company Party

The holiday season is here, and with it the customary company-sponsored merriment. After a year of stress, collaboration, and trying to make a good impression on your boss, most employees look forward to management pulling out all the stops to say “thank you” for their dedication. This means that the drinks will be flowing, the gossip will be juicy, and you just might see something shocking! We polled American workers to get the details on scandalous office party behavior, and the results were even more outrageous than we predicted.

Key Findings:

  • Over half of respondents have seen coworkers hook-up at a company party
  • 60% report that they’ve learned juicy gossip at a work event
  • 25% admit to going home with a fellow coworker after a work party
statistic on company party hookups with disco ball illustration

That’s right, more than half of people have seen their coworkers hook-up with each other at a company event. Whether it’s a makeout session on the dance floor or something a little more scandalous, this isn’t something your colleagues (or managers) are likely to forget seeing.

statistic on coworker hookups with lips illustration

One out of four respondents admitted to taking things to the next level by going home with said coworker after the party is over. Workplace relationships aren’t for everyone, but there’s no way things will be awkward on Monday…right…?

statistic on coworkers making out with kissing illustration

Nearly one out of five respondents said that they themselves were the hook-up culprits at company parties. Look, we get it. The bar is open all night, Brad from accounting bought a new button-down for the occasion, who could resist? Just try to at least find a discreet corner before expressing your appreciation!

Is it Wrong to Hook Up with Your Coworkers?

Whether it’s wrong or right, many employees clearly don’t have qualms about mixing business with pleasure. According to a study from Business Insider, 54% of people have had sex with a colleague, and a whopping 90% report that they have felt sexually attracted to a colleague at one point or another. Luckily, most people (84%) believe that it’s okay for colleagues to have sex with one another, and that it shouldn’t have to be reported to HR (92%), a la the classic Jan and Michael scandal. However, there are some limits to our open-mindedness, as 64% think that managers should not be allowed to have sex with their subordinates.

statistic on gossip and drinking at work parties with glass illustrations

While a few daring coworkers might be getting hot and heavy somewhere in the building, everyone else is chatting away. And where the booze is served, so is the tea. We all know that alcohol is a notorious tongue-loosener, and all the better when you’re hanging out with senior staff that you may not normally interact with. This is why an impressive 60% of respondents say that they have learned bits of juicy office gossip at company parties.

Though alcohol is usually one of the ingredients of a good party, it comes with downsides as well. According to our survey, 29% of people say that they have embarrassed themselves by drinking too much in front of their coworkers. Hey, it happens, and hopefully no one will remember much about the juicy details you spilled about your work wife’s crush on the CEO or your sudden, unsteady run to the bathroom!

tips for fending off office gossip with four illustrations

Now that we’ve established all the various ways you can embarrass yourself at this year’s holiday party, here are some tips for dealing with the inevitable fallout. For example, you might hear whispers or catch some side-eye the first week back. If you do, just remember to…

  • Stay Calm – It’s a terrible feeling to walk into a room and know that everyone was just talking about you (right, Cady?). However, it’s super important that you maintain your composure and not let anyone know that you are rattled. Adults can be immature too, and are likely looking for a reaction. If they don’t see anything interesting from you, they’ll most likely forget about what happened over the next week or two.
  • Laugh at Yourself – Laughing at your own ridiculousness is really hard when your self-esteem has taken a hit, but this can actually make you feel much better once you’re able to get up the courage to see yourself objectively. Think about if a friend or teammate had done the same thing you did. Would you laugh at them? If so, you can’t really blame them for doing the same to you.
  • Ignore the Haters – You can’t please everyone in life, it’s just a fact. Even the sweetest, most neutral people have people who can’t stand them. If certain coworkers just won’t let the gossip go, the only thing you can really do is ignore them and act like you aren’t bothered. After a while, people will most likely get fed up with their bad attitudes.

We hope you can use these tips to your advantage and avoid troublesome office gossip this new year. Enjoy yourself this holiday season, because you’ve worked hard this year and you’ve earned it. Just make sure to remember these scandalous stats when you get to the company party this year! For more shocking surveys and essential advice, visit Rory.


This study was conducted using SurveyMonkey. The sample consists of no less than 321 completed answers. Post-stratification weighting was applied to ensure an accurate and reliable representation of the total U.S. population ages 18 and older. The survey ran online during November 2019.