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Erogenous Zones for Women and How to Use Them

There’s more to sex than just the obvious! Take a look at our guide on erogenous zones for women to learn about surprisingly sensitive areas of the female body.


Erogenous Zones for Women and How to Use Them

When it comes to sex, most of us know about the obvious pleasure zones for men and women (clitoris, anyone?). These are the areas you learn about in sex-ed or in the puberty book your mom gave you in middle school. But there are actually many other areas of the body that can be involved in sex and foreplay outside of those few key spots. Ever have that oh-so-delicious tingly feeling when your partner kisses up and down your neck? That’s because the neck is what’s called an erogenous zone. If you’re looking for more ways to spice things up in the bedroom, take a look at our guide for all the untapped pleasure zones you’ve been missing out on.

“Erogenous Zone”: Where Have I Heard That Before?

quote bubbles from erogenous zones in pop culture

If you’re a sitcom watcher, you may have heard the term “erogenous zone” before. Remember that episode of Friends when Monica explains the seven female erogenous zones to Chandler? Who could forget the glorious “SEVEN, SEVEN, SEVEN!”-gasm she finishes off with?

Another memorable clip is episode three in season five of How I Met Your Mother, featuring a notebook on “Robin 101.” Ted’s claim that rubbing Robin’s left knee really does it for her turns out to be untrue, but the knee actually can be an erogenous zone!

Erogenous Zone Definition

erogenous zone definition on illustrated flowers

If you’re wondering how the left knee could possibly be sexy, the answer is pretty simple. Any part of the body can actually be an erogenous zone. An erogenous zone is an area of the body with heightened sensitivity that can produce a sexual response when stimulated. Erogenous zones are extra sensitive due to concentrations of nerve endings in these areas.

Erogenous Zones Chart

Now that you know what an erogenous zone is, you may be wondering where you can find yours. And you should be curious! Take a look at our chart below to learn about some of the most surprising erogenous zones for women.

illustrated female figure with arrows to erogenous zones

The Top 10 Female Erogenous Zones

Outside of the usual suspects, here’s our list for the best erogenous zones for women to try out along with tips for stimulating these sensitive regions.

The Erogenous Zones You May Have Heard Of…

From your own experiences, you’ve probably discovered how sensitive these areas can be when stimulated by a partner.

1. Your Ears

Your ears contain hundreds of sensory receptors inside, and the outside skin is also very sensitive. Because of this, it’s best to be gentle when stimulating the ears. Have your partner lightly trace the outside of your ear, and then move in to kiss and nibble the earlobes. You might also enjoy whispering or soft blowing in order to get that tingly, goosebumps feeling.

2. The Nape of Your Neck

Most people focus on the throat when things get heated, but the nape or back of the neck is another hot zone. Depending on the position, it can be difficult for your partner to reach the nape of your neck with their lips, but a light touch with the tip of their fingers can feel amazing. They can stimulate the sensitive nerve endings with light caresses while kissing, and run their fingernails down the back of your neck to produce a tingly shiver.

3. Your Butt

This one may not be too shocking, but many women automatically disregard the butt if they know they don’t enjoy anal play. Don’t knock it till you try it! There’s no need to shy away from the behind just because you associate it with full-on penetration. Having your partner caress the outside skin or even doing some light fingering is a great way to take advantage of the numerous sensitive nerve ends inside your anus. Some women even enjoy gentle licking!

4. Your Fingertips

Think about it: Your fingertips are one of the most sensitive areas of your body. Though we don’t usually think about fingers as being sexy, holding hands or softly tickling the fingertips during sex is both erotic and intimate. To kick it up a notch, your partner can tenderly suck on each of your fingers, one at a time. Maintaining eye contact is essential here in order to fully feel the attention being lavished on you.

5. Your Lower Back

The nerves in the small of your back, or sacrum, are connected to your pelvis, making this region sensitive to sexual stimulation. Whether it’s the tickle of a light touch or more forceful pressure, many women find this type of sensory play appealing. If you want to get creative with it, try experimenting with temperatures using an ice cube or heat pad.

…And the Ones You May Have Forgotten

So maybe those were a little obvious, but you probably didn’t see these coming! Here are a few more spots that are definitely worth trying out.

6. Your Inner Wrists

This sensitive pulse point can be a great way to get the action started. Lightly caress the skin of the inner wrist to get your partner going, and later on, this can progress to kissing and soft licking. Part of the appeal with this zone is the “danger” factor: your partner has taken command of one of your most vulnerable areas.

7. Your Armpits

That’s right, the armpits are an erogenous zone! There’s nothing like a little titillation to take the action from silly to sexy. Think about how responsive and ticklish your armpit is — this can be translated into sexual sensitivity. Start with light touching, and slowly accelerate into brisker motions. The feeling of being tickled but also aroused can be thrilling.

8. Your Scalp

The scalp is chock-full of nerve endings — just think about how nice it feels when someone plays with your hair. While kissing, your partner should run their fingernails through your hair and along your scalp to stimulate that tingly feeling. Focusing on the nape of the neck or the back of the ears while doing this can be a super hot way to stimulate multiple erogenous zones at once.

9. Your Stomach

This is an area that you can take advantage of by yourself or with a partner. The key to this erogenous zone is teasing. It’s so close to the danger zone that touching this area can actually promote the flow of blood to your clit and vagina. Light, teasing touches with your partner’s tongue and fingertips are the best ways to stimulate this erogenous zone, along with temperature play using an ice cube or cold washcloth.

10. Your Knees

Just like Ted claims about Robin in How I Met Your Mother, having your partner stimulate the back of your knee can actually be super sexy. Again, this has to do with the sensitivity of the region and how ticklish it is. Have your partner massage your legs during foreplay, paying special attention to the back of your knee using both their fingers and tongue.

Outside of the usual suspects, here’s our list for the best erogenous zones for women to try out along with tips for stimulating these sensitive regions.

How to Know Which Erogenous Zone You’ll Like

The only way to really figure out which of your erogenous zones are most sensitive is to try them out. Sensitivity varies from person to person, and there isn’t a specific way to tell which spots will be the best turn-ons for you. If you feel like you’re in over your head, don’t fret! We’ve picked a few zones you can start to experiment with based on your personality and most frequent drink order.

chart of drink orders and related erogenous zones

Women’s Erogenous Zones vs. Men’s Erogenous Zones

Though we’re mainly focused on the ladies for this guide, it can be a good starting point for men too. Outside of the genitals, women and men actually share the same erogenous zones. Just as women may find pleasure outside the clit and vagina, men can, believe it or not, enjoy stimulation that doesn’t focus just on the penis. 

That being said, there are a few self-evident differences that we’d be remiss not to mention since they are considered the “ultimate” erogenous zones. For women, the ultimate erogenous zones consist of the nipples, clitoris, and G-spot. For men, these are the glans, frenulum, and prostate. As great as secondary erogenous zones are, most of us still need a bit more to cross the finish line!

illustration of female figure with detailed erogenous zones

Erogenous Zones for Women FAQs

If you still have burning questions about how to use your erogenous zones, take a look at our FAQs below.

How Many Erogenous Zones Are There On The Female Body?

There isn’t actually a set number of erogenous zones for women. In general, there are five to six primary erogenous zones, with any number of potential secondary zones. The areas mentioned in the erogenous zones chart above are secondary zones common for most people, but every person is different. You can learn to find pleasure in a new part of your body depending on your experiences.

What Are a Woman’s Most Erogenous Zones?

Your most erogenous areas are the ones most involved in intercourse, including your nipples, clitoris, G-spot, cervix, and vaginal opening. The most erogenous secondary zones change from person to person. You’ll only know what you like by testing things out, so it’s up to you to find out what your most sensitive zones are!

Are Women’s Feet Erogenous Zones?

Though we didn’t include them in the guide, many women do find stimulation of their feet pleasurable. Again, this has to do with the ticklish feeling that can translate into sexual stimulation. Massaging your feet is a good way to increase blood flow and enhance feelings of arousal. You can even ask your partner to softly lick your foot and toes, but watch out! Feet may be an erogenous zone for some women, but prove too ticklish for others.

Experimenting with different erogenous zones can make sex more pleasurable and exciting, for you and your partner. Though some of these areas may seem a little strange or adventurous, you’ll never know if you like them until you try! Stay tuned for more next-level tips and tricks from Rory.