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43% of People Have Received an Unsolicited Nude, Yet Only 13% Admit to Sending



43% of People Have Received an Unsolicited Nude, Yet Only 13% Admit to Sending

Though the rise of smartphones has brought us many life-changing conveniences, having a stranger’s nude photo pop up on your screen is certainly not one of them. We’re pressured to look our best and overshare on social media, and some people are taking that to a whole other level. Whether it’s through dating apps like Tinder, non-private profiles on Snapchat and Instagram, or even AirDropped from a nearby user, this is a shocking and unpleasant experience for most people, to say the least.

In order to find out how common this situation actually is, we surveyed Americans from different age groups and backgrounds to see if they’d ever sent or received an unsolicited nude. That’s right, we said unsolicited. Like… a stranger Snapchatting you a dick pic. Turns out, even though this experience is becoming pretty common in today’s day and age, there’s still a lot of distaste and shame surrounding people who send nude pics. Take a look at the clear discrepancy in the survey findings below.

Key Findings:

  • 43% of people have received at least one unsolicited nude photo
  • Only 13% admit to actually sending an unsolicited nude
  • Across the board, men are more likely to engage with nudes
    • 16% reported sending an unsolicited nude, vs 11% of women
    • 18% admitted to sharing nudes they’d received with their friends, vs 13% of women
    • 13% said that they keep nudes of their exes, vs 8% of women who do the same
Stat on percentage of people who have received unsolicited nudes

Across all ages (18+) and genders, close to half of those surveyed said they had received a nude pic from a stranger. Surprisingly, equal numbers of both men and women said they had received unwanted nudes, despite the fact that we more typically hear about men sending unwanted dick pics to women.

Stat on percentage of people who admit to sending nudes

Now, here’s where the numbers get a little wacky. 43% of people say they have received an unsolicited nude, yet only 13% report ever sending one? If you’re thinking that these numbers don’t add up, you’re right. According to this data, it’s a very small number of the total population who are actually sending the nudes, so they must be blasting them out to everyone they know if almost half of people have received one. Or, is there another answer? There’s a strong possibility that respondents weren’t truthful when answering this part of the survey, due to feelings of embarrassment or shame.

Why Do People Send Dick Pics to Strangers?

If people are so embarrassed to admit to sending unsolicited nudes, why do they do it in the first place? There hasn’t been a ton of research on this topic, but a groundbreaking study from earlier this year revealed some fascinating findings. It’s important to note that this study only covered men who send dick pics, so ladies who send pics to strangers are a little more of a mystery. Researchers found that the most frequently reported reason for men to send dick pics was a “transactional mindset.” Basically, they hoped to receive one in return. They also found that the nude senders hoped their recipients felt sexual excitement from the photos they shared.

However, most reasonable people could tell you that a stranger’s junk popping up on your phone screen would not make you happy. It makes sense then that the study found high levels of narcissism, as well as ambivalent and hostile sexism, in the men who did report to sending nudes. It seems that this inflated sense of self allows the nude senders to believe that their recipients would be flattered and pleased to get a photo from them and find it sexy enough to send one back.

How Do People Actually Feel About Receiving Dick Pics?

The truth is, of course, that most people don’t want to see all your business when they didn’t ask for it. A YouGov survey asked Millennial men and women to describe how they felt about dick pics using a variety of adjectives, to see if there was a discrepancy between responses. Indeed, 44% of the men surveyed described dick pics as “sexy,” vs women, who referred to them as gross and stupid (58% and 54%, respectively).

Below are some more interesting tidbits we pulled from the data.

Millennials are the Most Likely to Receive a Nude at 56%

Bar graph showing age groups most likely to receive nudes

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Millennials are the most likely age group to receive an unsolicited nude. This is most likely because they use specific social media platforms and dating apps more frequently than older adults, which is where nudes are usually sent.

Older Adults are Still Down to Clown

Stats and illustrations about adults 45+ and unsolicited nudes

Though Millennials are the main nude culprits, don’t discount older generations just yet! Nearly ⅓ adults aged 45+ said that they had received a nude from a stranger, with 7% even admitting to sending one. 12% also reported that they’d shared a nude they received with their friends. Maybe Mom and Dad aren’t as boring as you think (or Grandpa and Grandma…).

Young Men Are the Most Likely to Send a Nude at Nearly ¼

Vertical bar graph with age of men who send dick pics

Despite the discrepancy in the data, young men still reported sending the highest number of dick pics at nearly one in four. This fits with our earlier findings that the younger population is more likely to receive unsolicited nudes in general and that men are more likely to interact with nudes across the board.

People Aren’t Just Deleting the Pics

Stats and illustrations about what people do with nudes

Take note nude-senders, because a lot of the time your pics are not going straight to the virtual trash bin! With all the nudes floating around out there, we were curious to see what people did with these startling messages.

15% Have Shared Nudes with Their Friends

There’s a good chance that your intended recipient is not going to be the only person who sees what you’ve got to offer. Across the board, 15% of people said that they share nudes they receive with their friends. Whether it’s to collectively marvel at your amazing pic (probably not though), laugh, and/or judge you, you may want to think twice before hitting that send button.

10% Admit to Keeping Nudes of Their Exes

Sure, you’re in love with that special someone and want to make their day. Just be careful, because they may keep that photo around longer than you’d want. 10% of survey respondents reported that they keep their ex’s nudes, probably stashed in a private folder somewhere on their phone. As they say, Nudes Never Die!

A Cutthroat 4% Say They Would Share the Nude on Social Media

As if passing the nude around with friends wasn’t enough, a small portion of respondents actually said they would share the nude on social media. If public ridicule isn’t your thing, let’s hope you’re not sending it to one of these few.

Despite the overwhelmingly negative reaction to unsolicited nudes, people continue to send them and lie about doing so. The lying indicates that people experience some shame for sending them, yet a whopping 43% of people report having received at least one nude from a stranger. As this topic gains more traction in scientific circles, hopefully, the message that this isn’t okay will eventually get through.

Until then, stay smart, keep your AirDrop set to private, and think twice before you hit that send button because you never know where those nudes could end up! For more  surprising stats and expert lifestyle tips, visit Rory.

Methodology: This study was conducted using The sample consists of no less than 300 respondents. Post-stratification weighting and census balancing have been applied to ensure an accurate and reliable representation of the total U.S. population ages 18 and older. The survey ran online during October 2019.